Home cooking



I’ve been cooking a couple of times recently and I must admit that I do enjoy the process of cooking but somehow the idea of having to wash up kinda turn me off. Blahhh! Not forgetting the oily floor that needs to be mopped too. Most of the time after dinner, the amazing fiancé will join me at the sink to wash the plates together. :’) But if I knew that Jd had a long day at work, I will insist that he go take a rest and watch some television program whilst I do the dishes myself. Sometimes, he will join me in the kitchen to prepare our dinner after seeing me struggle with the hot pans. He always thinks that I am performing clown acts in the circus whenever I am cooking. *boo hoo*

I find myself browsing through recipe online more frequently and also spending more in the Supermarket.

it is really fun and heartwarming to be able to cook for your loved ones and watch them finish up every last bit on their plate or asking for a second round.

I am wondering what shall I cook again this weekend. :D

Cheers to Friday!!!