Renovation & furniture

Helloooooo. Jd is working right now while I’m sitting comfortably at home on our sofa typing this blog entry on my iPad. Life in our new house has been awesome! I love how quiet this neighbourhood is and we are looking forward to our stay-over every week! Our neighbour is a Chinese family and they seems really nice even thou we haven’t really talk except for the occasional ‘hello’. Anyway, this post will be about our renovation!

Tah-dah~ This is the first view you see when u step into our home. We have a feature wall (平封) at the entrance of our main door. Partly because of fengshui and also it blocks out most of the view from outside. Notice how people love to peep in our living room when they walk past our house? I’m guilty of that too especially when we want to see how did our neighbour renovate their house and also find out whose staying in there. :x


We have a half height shoe cabinet customized in front of the feature wall due to space constrain. No more having to share shoe cabinet space because Jd doesn’t have a lot of shoes. Hehehehe.

Next up, living room! One of our favourite corner. We spent more effort designing our living and master room for the obvious reason cause that’s where we will be spending most of our time. I love our bold grey wall on one side of the living hall. Jd and I decided to follow the colour scheme that our ID proposed for us.


Choosing the colour of the sofa was such a headache because we were deciding between the off-white (nice but hard to maintain) and mocha (easy to maintain but not our first choice). We ended up going with our heart and chose white as we both really like that colour and the sofa is really comfy and just nice for both our height.

Our customize sette with hidden storage also double up as a sitting area. I can hide everything inside that storage so no more clutters everywhere. :) There is also the open concept storage in the middle of the sette for us to keep some magazines/ books.



I’ve been wanting to have a cafe/ restaurant bench style dining concept for our home. I often pick the seats with those cushion sette whenever I dine out. Anyhow, we bought our dining table from Casa Italy. Dad has been constantly nagging at us not to get rectangular table however our dining area is too small for round ones. Lucky for us, we managed to chanced upon the oval shaped table at the furniture fair at Singapore Expo last year. Super love the table stand, it has the elegant European look and the colour of the chair we chose matches the feature wall behind the sette too.




Bought this lavender painting online to hang on the wall along the corridor! Our initial plan was to hang on the grey wall in the living room but the paintings came out to be smaller than what we expected. It is still very nice thou!


The mosaic tiles in the kitchen center of attention. It compliment our granite top and also our shimmery lava hob and hood. Did I mention that our refrigerator is glittery black? :D Major love for our kitchen! All our cabinet comes with soft closing so no more loud thud when somebody accidentally slam the door too hard. How cool is that?


Guest room and maybe baby room in the future. Haha. I love love love the colour of this room as well. It’s slightly greyish- blue. I feel very calm and therapeutic whenever I’m in there. Haha. Colour of the room is true to the 2nd picture.



Jd ‘s study/ workout room. Did not do anything to this room except paint works.



Yeah! I can finally have a dressing table. Instead of the usual low side table on both side of our bed, we customised the one nearer to the wardrobe slightly higher to be my dressing table. The table top can be flipped open to store more of my makeup and skincare products with a mirror inside. The downside is I have to remove everything on the tabletop if I am going to flip open the table top. :( Actually I tried to change the design a little but the carpenter already fabricate the table so it’s too late to change. Anyhow, our ID propose a slightly smaller shelving below the table to put some of the daily necessities so I don’t have to always flip open the top. :)


No bed frame for now because according to the Chinese customary tradition, we have to get a new set of bed frame and mattress when we get married.

We changed the original master toilet door which HDB gave us to the PD door (slide & fold) due to the space constraint. The door that was given to us was so big that there is no gap between the door and the sink.


I am a happy girl cause I can have this rose-gold finished mirror. Told Jd that I want a full length mirror somewhere near the entrance so that we can do a last check before leaving home to make sure my outfit matches my bag and shoes. Haha. Behind the mirror is actually where our DB box is and our ID also customize some shelvings so that we can put more shoes there. Sadly my heels doesn’t fit in there so I can only keep my flats and slippers there.


Overall, we are rather pleased with our ID’s during and after sales service. He’s very nice to talk to and also listens to what we want. Our ID also follows up with us for the progress of our renovation every now and then. Oh, he is also very patient with us cause we are always late when meeting him due to Jd’s work commitment.